About me

Travelling? Leaving your house alone? No problem!

Individual caretaking of your house

You need small repairs? I will help you out!

Managing of recurring maintenances or repairs by third parties

You come back and your house is in perfect shape!

My Caretaking-Service in Cape Town for You!

I moved to Cape Town in 2011 and since then I have been renovating and refurbishing various flats but also built my own house in Fresnaye in 2017. Based on all this experience I know how important it is to maintain your house or apartment, especially in this special climate with loads of sun but also heavy rains and strong winds and the salty air.

Are you travelling a lot or even stay overseas for couple of weeks or months? And beside your house alarm, you would like to know that your house is looked after? I offer you such individual service to look after your house and property here in Cape Town and take care of your house – to the extend you like me to do so!

Ihr Ed