Your Roof

Tightness begins at the top of the roof: During my site visits, I pay attention to any visible damage from outside or clogged gutters.

Your Windows

I check your windows for tightness - especially in winter and in heavy rain.

Dampness in Rooms

Nothing is worse than damp rooms. During my visits, I pay attention to damp spots and will notify you if anything occurs.

Small Repairs

If you are there you do not want to be disturbed: therefore I will repair or have it repaired while you are away. But I'll keep you up to date and show you the progress and results before you're back.

Painting Works

I try to help out with small painting ``touch-ups`` or arrange a reliable company for larger painting works. You advise what should be done. Whether inside or outside. And I will take care of the work!

Sewerage Controls

Clogged drains but also any drains that are not used during your absence tend to dry out and thus stinking exhaust air reaches your rooms. I will take care of it and make sure your house is well ventilated.

Your Garden

I overlook your garden. Do palm trees and any other trees have to be pruned, hedges to be brought back into shape or just simply ``tidied up``? I take care of your wishes.

Your Car

Actually, a car has to be moved - otherwise the battery runs flat and your car will not start when you're back. I have a special unloading-and-loading device for your car to perfectly maintain your battery - without having to move your car.

Your Pool

I take care of your pool and clean it during my site visits. For larger cleaning or needed repairs, I can arrange for you a professional company.